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Unformatted text preview: over space at any =me. H 0 = 71 km/(s ! Mpc) = 21.8 mm/(s ! ly) 4 Expansion of the Universe hJp:// upload.wikimedi commons/d/d7/ Protractor_Rapp orteur_Degree_ V1.jpg 1 ­arcsecond = 1/3600o. 1 AU (astronomical unit) = 1.5 x 1011 m = average Earth ­Sun separa<on. 1 ly (light ­year) = 9.46 x 1012 km = the distance light travels in 1 year. 1 pc (parsec) is the distance at which there is 1 ­arcsecond angular separa<on between two objects 1 AU apart.   1 pc = 3.26 ly; 1 Mpc = 3.26 x 106 ly. 1 pc         hJp:// ­for ­ ­parsec.gif hJp://</tutorial/measure/images/parallax.jpeg (Modified) 5 The Hubble Space Telescope •  Determining the Hubble constant has been the key goal of the Hubble Space Telescope, which can measure distances to galaxies with unprecedented accuracy. •  Construc<on of the Hubble Space Telescope was completed in 1985. •  The launch of Hubble was delayed due to the 1986 Space ShuJle Challenger disaster. •  The Telescope was launched on the Space ShuJle Discovery in 1990. The Hubble Space Telesc...
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