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Unformatted text preview: (Test #3) •  According to General Rela4vity, light Albert Einstein, Arthur Eddington, & Frank Dyson: rays that graze the Sun should have their paths bent toward it by 0.00048o (max.). •  This predic&on was first confirmed in 1919, by Arthur Eddington and Frank Dyson, by photographs of stars that appeared in the sky near the Sun during a solar eclipse. •  The photographs were then compared with other photographs of the same part of the sky taken when the Sun was away. Nega4ve photos showed shiEs in posi4ons of stars’ images. 10 h7p://undsci.berkeley.edu/ar4cle/0_0_0/fair_tests_04 h7p://garethrees.org/2008/11/25/eddington/deflec4on.jpg The 1919 Solar Eclipse (Test #3) •  The two ­dimensional representa&on of curved space. We imagine the space (a plane) as being distorted by a massive object (the sun). Light from a distant star follows the distorted surface on its way to the earth. The dashed line shows the direc4on...
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