Because light can be deected in a gravitaonal eld a

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Unformatted text preview: of the planet Mercury’s ellip4cal orbit. 2.  The gravita&onal redshiE: the increase in wavelength of light proceeding outward from a massive source. h7p:// h7p:// 8 Tests of General Rela4vity 3. The apparent bending of light rays from distant stars when they pass near the Sun.   Because light can be deflected in a gravita&onal field, a dense concentra4on of mass (such as a galaxy) can act as a “lens” to produce mul4ple images of a distant light source located behind it. This phenomenon is called gravita&onal lensing. h7p:// 9 h7p:// h7p:// The 1919 Solar Eclipse...
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