From the principle of equivalence if the light as

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Unformatted text preview: signg s4ll on a planet whose gravity provided that same accelera4on. 5 Gravity and Light h7p:// ­to/ content/gravity ­as ­accelera4on.html •  If a light beam is directed a = g a across an accelerated spaceship, the beam’s path rela&ve to the spaceship will be curved. •  From the Principle of Equivalence, if the light As viewed from outside: a beam is subject to a gravita&onal field (with g = a), the beam would follow the same curved path. g As viewed inside: g h7p:// age16 ­19/Rela4vity/text/ 6 Principle_of_equivalence/index.html 7 Scan from: TIME, DECEMBER 31, 1999, ALBERT EINSTEIN, PERSON OF THE CENTURY / KENNETH AUCHINCLOSS Tests of General Rela4vity •  The General Rela4vity had passed several experimental tests, including three proposed by Einstein: 1.  The precession of the perihelion: the rota4on of the axes...
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