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Unformatted text preview: such a region of space in general space ­4me distor&on, like a marble rolls towards the follows a curved path rather than a bo7om of a depression in a 4 straight one. rubber sheet. h7p:// general_rela4vity/general_rela4vity_large.jpg h7p:// ­c8WGGvL2FLQ/TVhpPrSpqaI/AAAAAAAAAZQ/ ucnooXymgzs/s1600/gravity+well.jpg Principle of Equivalence •  The Principle of Equivalence is central to General Rela4vity: An observer in a closed laboratory/spaceship cannot dis&nguish between the effects produced by a gravita&onal field and those produced by an accelera&on of the laboratory/spaceship. a a = g g h7p:// ­to/content/gravity ­as ­accelera4on.html If a group of scien4sts were inside an accelera&ng laboratory/spaceship and performed a series of experiments, they would get exactly the same results as if...
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