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Richter scale logarithmic scale base10 each level is

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Unformatted text preview: in the Earth suddenly releases energy, it creates a wave in the ground. •  The loca0on where an earthquake starts is called the epicenter. •  The epicenter of an earthquake can be located by no0ng when the earthquake waves arrived at several different loca0ons. hCp://media.hcpss.org/ newcode/ekits/ VieweKitImages.php? ItemID=2991 hCp:// boxofup0cks.c om/wp ­ content/ uploads/ 2012/04/ earthquake ­ fault1.jpg 16 Earthquakes  Seismograph •  Huge amounts of energy are released in earthquakes. •  Richter scale:   Logarithmic scale (base ­10).   Each level is 10 0mes stronger than the previous level.   Invented by Charles Richter in 1935.   Magnitude is not exactly equivalent to energy. hCp://www.visitrockypoint.com/wp ­content/uploads/2010/11/escala ­de ­richter.jpg 17 Earthquakes •  P ­Wave •  S ­Wave (Primary, Pressure, Push) (Secondary, Shear)...
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