Jpg 3 proper0es of waves refrac on contd snells law

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Unformatted text preview: Cp:// wikipedia/ commons/ thumb/1/13/ F%C3%A9nyt %C3%B6r %C3%A9s.jpg /751px ­F %C3%A9nyt %C3%B6r %C3%A9s.jpg 3 Proper0es of Waves •  Refrac-on (cont’d) Snell’s Law: n sin ! = constant. ! n1 sin 1 = n2 sin !2 where n1(2) = refrac0ve index of medium 1(2) [no unit], !1 = incident angle in medium 1, !2 = refracted angle in medium 2 [unit: degree, o]. hCp:// wikipedia/commons/d/dc/ Snells_law_wavefronts.gif hCp:// Pencil_in_a_bowl_of_water.svg/1000px ­ Pencil_in_a_bowl_of_water.svg.png 4 Proper0es of Waves •  Diffrac-on A wave will spread when it passes around an obstacle or when it passes through a hole or slit. hCp:// ­11 ­07.jpg hCp:// Data/sites/vschool/phy/ wave/Diffrac0on ­Water ­
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