Clinical Chemistry 5 Chromatography and Electrophoresis

These differential rates of migration as the mixture

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Unformatted text preview: ugh the system at different rates. These differential rates of migration as the mixture moves over adsorptive materials provide separation. Repeated sorption/desorption acts that take place during the movement of the sample over the stationary bed determine the rates. The smaller the affinity a molecule has for the stationary phase, the shorter the time spent in a column. Chromatography is a very special separation process for very a multitude of reasons multitude It can separate complex mixtures with great precision. It Even very similar components, such as proteins that may only vary by a single amino acid, can be separated with chromatography. Chromatography can purify basically any soluble or volatile substance if the right adsorbent material, carrier fluid, and operating conditions are employed. Chromatography can be used to separate delicate products since the conditions under which it is performed are not typically severe. Chromatography is quite well suited to a variety of uses in the field of biotechnology, such as separating mixtures of proteins. of There is an equilibrium of solute molecules being adsorbed to the solid surface and desorbed and dissolved in the mobile solvent desorbed Those molecules that are most soluble in the Those solvent move faster while those that a less soluble spend more time adsorbed to the stationary phase and move slowly stationary Therefore mixtures are separated into bands – Therefore separated by polar functional groups separated Partition (liquid-liquid) chromatography Partition – Separation of solute is base upon relative Separation solubility in an organic (non-polar) sol...
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