Clinical Chemistry 3 collection 2

Ascertain whether the patient has been fasting that

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Unformatted text preview: s been fasting That he has done so for the required amount of That time and has not ingested any restricted solids or fluids fluids The dietary effects on a chemical-analyte values The make it advisable to ask patients to fast for 12 hours before specimen collection hours Data collected on healthy subjects shows that Data many chemical analytes are not affected when specimens are drawn 30 to 120 minutes after a meal meal Fasting however is still recommended Patient food intake and metabolism may be Patient abnormal and uncontrollable abnormal Diets that are high in Diets Protein Saturated and unsaturated fatty acids Caffeine Serotonin Have all been reported to effect chemistry Have values values Timed interval Specimens Timed Timed specimens may be desired to observe Timed certain metabolic processes certain This is true for the glucose tolerance test And for measurements of serum iron Some therapeutic drug monitoring Blood alcohol Levels Blood Alcohol must not be used to cleans the site of Alcohol venipuncture venipuncture Soap and water and thoroughly dried before Soap venipuncture venipuncture Forensic Specimens Forensic Forensic medicine refers to medical Forensic knowledge or results that apply to questions of law af...
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