Clinical Chemistry 3 collection 2

Interfere drug with the determination of a particular

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Unformatted text preview: ith the An determination of protein bound iodine determination The tests most often altered by drugs appear to The be those measuring hepatic function be Perhaps because hepatic function is easy to Perhaps measure measure Physicians order laboratory tests for a number of Physicians reasons reasons Diagnosis of disease Screening for disease Monitoring levels of drugs and endogenous substances as Monitoring electrolytes electrolytes Determining prognosis Confirming a previously abnormal test Physician education Medico-legal purposes Test results Test Are compared to a normal range that is defined Are as the usual range of values for a healthy population population Normal has many meanings Usual range Describe the health of the individual Gaussian distributions Shapes and distributions distributed about a bell shape Shapes curve curve Reference value Reference The term reference value is now used The It denotes “the usual limits of laboratory data” The presence of health is not implied in the The definition definition Reference values may be constructed for ill as Reference well healthy populations well To establish reference values the following To three factors should be considered three 1. makeup of the reference population Age, se...
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