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Clinical Chemistry 3 collection 2

Medical forensic knowledge or results that apply to

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Unformatted text preview: fecting life or property law A specimen result may be used as evidence in specimen a court of law to prove cause of death, innocence or guilt innocence These specimens serve as legal evidence Specimens are usually placed in the possession Specimens of law enforcement officers of Urine Urine Routine collection is usually random and Routine collected in a non-sterile urine container and refrigerated refrigerated Many of the chemical analyses performed on Many urine specimens must be carried out on 24 hour urine collections hour One of the reasons is that many urine One constituents – including hormones exhibit diurnal variation diurnal In order to eliminate the variability of these In peak excretion times peak It is much more definitive to perform the It analysis on a 24 hour specimen analysis At the beginning of the collecting period (usually At when the patient awakens) the bladder should be empties and the specimen discarded empties The time is noted All urine specimens passed thereafter are collected All in an appropriate container in Preservatives are usually added However, some substances Chorionic gonadotropins Drugs Histamine Must use no preservative Cerebrospinal fluid Cerebrospinal Collected in three or four sterile tubes The firs...
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