Clinical Chemistry 3 collection 2

Populations well to establish reference values the

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Unformatted text preview: x, genetic, socioeconomic factors 2. the criteria used for including or excluding 2. individuals from the reference sample group individuals 3. the physiologic and environmental conditions 3. under which the reference population was studied and sampled sampled Time and date of collection Intake of food and drugs Posture Smoking Degree of obesity Stage of menstrual cycle Specimen collection procedure – including the preparation Specimen of the individual of Analytical method used Normal values and normal range are specific Normal reference intervals that correspond to the health associated (central 95%) reference interval interval Quality control Quality The purpose for quality control system is to The monitor analytical procedures monitor Detecting analytical errors during analysis Prevent the reporting of incorrect patient Prevent values values Analytical methods are usually monitored by Analytical analyzing control values analyzing Specimens whose concentrations are constant Then comparing the observed values with the Then expected values expected Many laboratories spend ¼ of their operating Many budget in running controls, calibration, repeat specimens specimens...
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