Hazard carcinogenic manyofthearomaticamines

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Unformatted text preview: nalyte (any substance that can be measured) can be discussed two ways: 1. a discussion for instance on carbohydrates Or 2. by clinical context – by disease or organ dysfunction Clinical context Clinical A discussion of pathological conditions and their clinical symptoms Function and challenge tests that require laboratory analysis A correlation of analyte with disease state Safety in the Clinical Laboratory Safety Personal behavior Smoking, eating, and drinking should be prohibited in all work areas These activities should be carried out only in designated rest areas completely separated physically from work areas The greatest danger form eating or smoking in the laboratory is the possibility of infection from laboratory specimens There is also the possibility that food or tobacco or other material could contaminate test materials No matter what type of work is done (gloves or no) hands must be washed before leaving the lab Carcinogenic hazard Carcinogenic Many of the aromatic amines...
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