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Unformatted text preview: 131 If by chance these isotopes are injested the compounds may be broken down in the body and radioactive iodine absorbed and concentrated in the thyroid gland Thus the thyroid can receive a much larger dose of radiation that would be expected from a random distribution in the body Microbiological hazards All work done with potentially highly infectious specimens should be done in a clean air hood If material is accidentally dropped pour disinfectant over the contaminated area – cover with paper towels Let stand for 30 minutes and then pick up with rubber gloves The container must be autoclaved Precautions for handling material Precautions (feces, blood, or any body fluid) likely to contain highly infectious agents – viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites Should include covering all cuts or skin breaks with tape, wearing protective clothing and rubber gloves and working under a safety hood if possible Aerosol must be prevented Collection and Handling of Patient Specimens Specimens Q...
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