Sex sex malepredilectionexistsinpersonsaged40 70years

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Unformatted text preview: per 100,000 people. ► More than one half of deaths occur in the prehospital setting. ► In­hospital fatalities account for 10% of all deaths. An additional 10% of deaths occur in the first year postinfarction. ► A steady decline has occurred in the mortality rate from MI over the last several decades. This appears to be due to a combination of a fall in the incidence of MI (replaced in part by an increase in the incidence of unstable angina) and a reduction in the case­fatality rate once an MI has occurred. Sex Sex ► Male predilection exists in persons aged 40­ 70 years. ► Evidence exists that women more often have MIs without atypical symptoms. ► The atypical presentation in women might explain the sometimes delayed diagnosis of MIs in women. ► In persons older than 70 years, no sex predilection exists. Age Age ► ► MI occurs most frequently in persons older than 45 years. Certain subpopulations younger than 45 years are at risk, particularly cocaine users, insulin­dependent diabetics, patients with hypercholesterolemia, and those with a positive family history for early coronary disease. A positive family history includes any first­degree male relative aged 45 years or younger or any first­degree female relative aged 55 years or younger who experienced a myocardial infarction. In younger patients the diagnosis may be hampered if the physician does not maintain a high index of suspicion. History History ► The history is critical in making the diagnosis of MI and sometimes may provide the only clues that lead to the diagnosis in the initial phases of the patient presentation. ► Chest pain, usually across the anterior pericardium typically is described as tightness, pressure, or squeezing....
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