Exp 19 Chemical Equilibrium_TEMPLATE

What effect will this have on a further absorbance

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Unformatted text preview: his have on: (a) Further absorbance readings? (2 points) (b) The equilibrium value for [Fe3+]? (2 points) (c) Your calculated value of Keq? (2 points) 2. What error would occur if the volumetric flask were not rinsed with distilled water before preparing the next dilution? (1 point) 3. What error occurred due to the fact that the volumetric flask was not dried each time a solution was prepared? (1 point) Spring 2014 4. What errors might arise if you: (a) Use a different cuvette for each measurement. (1 point) (b) You mislabeled the six test tubes. (1 point) Spring 2014...
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