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Quarles flya kite fico transactions exercise fico15

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Unformatted text preview: 15: CREATE DISTRIBUTION CYCLE – Distribution accomplishes the charging of primary costs from a collection cost center to all of the cost centers that benefit from the incurrence of that primary cost. Periodically, usually at the end of the month, the primary cost element will be allocated (charged) to the receiving cost objects. The distribution process distributes the balance(s) from the original sender(s) to the receivers. The original sender account is credited and the original receiver account is debited by the distribution. In this manner the distributed primary cost retains its identity in the receiving cost object’s expense list. EXERCISE FI/CO16: REVIEW ACTUAL LINE ITEM REPORT – This exercise allows you to see how the rent expense cost element has been distributed to the various receiving cost objects using the statistical key figure set up as the basis for the distribution. Quarles: Flya Kite FI/CO Transactions EXERCISE FI/CO17: CREATE ASSESSMENT CYCLE – With assessment both primary and secondary postings can be allocated. You can define cost allocation by assessment i...
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