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Receivable accounts payable fixed assets etc when you

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Unformatted text preview: nts receivable Accounts payable Fixed Assets, etc. When you post to an account in the sub-ledger, post the system automatically posts to the automatically corresponding reconciliation account corresponding The general ledger is automatically updated The general Quarles: Flya Kite 19 Reconciliation Account Customers Subledger Customer1 Customer2 1000 2000 Accounts Receivable 3000 Quarles: Flya Kite Reconciliation Account 20 Reconciliation Account Vendors Subledger Vendor1 Vendor2 3000 5000 Accounts Payable 8000 Quarles: Flya Kite Reconciliation Account 21 Company Code Information Field status group – An identifier which controls which fields An appear on a G/L document which uses this appear account - configuration data configuration – Sets screens for entering data so Sets they are specific to the account or to the transaction the Quarles: Flya Kite 22 Master Data MASTER DATA GL AP AP AR G/L ACCOUNTS VENDORS CUSTOMERS Quarles: Flya Kite 23 Accounts Payable Accounts Master Records - Vendors Master A master record must be created for every vendor x Centralized data for both MM & FI x General data Address Control data Payment transactions Quarles: Flya Kite Company code data Account management Payment transactions Purchasing org data Purchasing data Partner functions 24 Vendor Master General data Address screen Vendor Name Search Term Address screen Address screen Control Control Payment transactions Payment transactions Street address, City, Postal code Country Lan...
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