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Distribution sd s each user has a unique view each

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Unformatted text preview: “ – Accounting (FI and CO) Inventory Control (MM) Production Planning and Control (PP) Engineering Forecasting Sales and Distribution (SD) s Each user has a unique view Each unique view – View is the data the user can view and change Quarles: Flya Kite Introduction 21 Vendor Master Data s Controls how Controls transaction data is posted and posted processed for a processed vendor vendor – Contains all the Contains data you require to do business with your vendors. vendors. Quarles: Flya Kite Introduction 22 Customer Master s Contains all the customer related Contains data necessary for processing necessary orders, deliveries, invoices and customer payments customer s Customer Master contain all relevant Customer data regarding business partners business – Sold-to party – Ship-to party – Bill-to party – Payer Quarles: Flya Kite Introduction 23 Transaction Data s Data that apply to a unique, Data particular transaction and only to that transaction that – For example sQuantity being ordered, manufactured, or Quantity sold sold sDates – order date, delivery date, billing Dates date, etc. sAmounts – total dollar amount for the Amounts transaction Quarles: Flya Kite Introduction 24...
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