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Unformatted text preview: redundancy – Shared, but restricted usage (e.g., profiles) Shared, restricted profiles Quarles: Flya Kite Introduction 8 SAP R/3 Advanced Basics SAP s Instance – each install of the SAP R/3 Instance software on an individual application server server s Configurable – each instance can be distinctively configured to fit the needs distinctively and desires of the customer (within limits) limits) s Most of the infrastructure decisions, Most including configuration decisions, occur during project implementation during Quarles: Flya Kite Introduction 9 SAP R/3 Document Principle SAP s Each business transaction that writes Each data to the database creates a uniquely numbered electronic document numbered s Each document contains information Each such as such – – – Responsible person Date and time of the transaction Commercial content s Once created, a document cannot be Once deleted from the database deleted Quarles: Flya Kite Introduction 10 Business Processes s A process is a set of linked activities that process transform an input into a more valuable output thus creating value output – – What the business “does” in doing what it does Processes are linked – Physically – Purchased raw materials used to manufacture finished P...
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