3. Hypothesis Testing - 2L PP

Termites culture tubes ballpoint pens dierent colors

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Unformatted text preview: ver ends! (and that’s a good thing!) Lab today In groups (same as last week) "   What was your generalization from last week? Termites •  Culture tubes •  Ballpoint pens (different colors) •  White paper •  Different colored paper •  Different types of markers/pens •  Toothpicks •  Ethanol Copepods •  Culture tubes •  Red/blue/green acetate filters Isopods •  Reflector lamps •  Culture tubes •  Flashlights •  Petri dishes •  Lamps of different Clear and black with and waSage for reflectors without gaps •  Drierite •  Nylon screen •  Reflectors •  Paper towels •  Water spray boSles Before you start experiments… Show me the following: •  Hypothesis – null and alternative –  •  Predictions if you have any Experimental Design –  –  –  30 mins What variable are you going to manipulate? What is the treatment? How are you going to measure the effect? •  Time - units? •  Number of individuals? –  –  •  Criteria for determining difference btw control and treatment? How many replicates? Make a Table for data collection "   Run experiments "   Data collection Up to one hour "   Data Analysis "   Graphs vs. table "   Statistics 30 mins "   Which hypothesis do your results support? "   Conclusions •  Oral reports - 8 minutes each group –  Write relevant data/graphs/tables on your section on the board –  Which hypothesis do your results support? •  Show your statistics •  Conclusions •  Everybody in the group must participate in the presentation •  Get a GROUP GRADE!!! Total one hour Next week: •  Quiz #2– Hypotheses, experimental design, graphing, data analysis, question or 2 from upcoming lab to make sure you are prepared •  Read Chapter 2 Lab Manual – What is Life (pg. 9 – 12) •  Go over links on Moodle What is Life Links file –  Phoenix Mars Lander file –  Report Worksheet template (our section folder!) –  Microscopy Tutorial – ...
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