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Unformatted text preview: ime reduction programs produce a short­term positive effect, but benefits dissipate as criminals adjust Replacement ~ when criminals move to new offenses because crime control efforts have neutralized their crime of choice General Deterrence General Deterrence A crime control policy that depends on the fear of criminal penalties, convincing the potential law violator that the pains associated with crime outweigh its benefits Beccaria’s equation= the greater the severity, certainty, and speed of legal sanctions, the lower the crime rate Regarding certainty, weight of empirical evidence supports theory: people who believe they will be caught are ones most deterred General Deterrence~ Severity General Deterrence~ Severity Capital punishment Immediate Impact: suggests deterrence should be greatest following a publicized execution Brutalization Effect: refers to executions actually increasing crimes of murder by modeling the behavior of the state Comparative Research: between jurisdictions which...
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