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Unformatted text preview: use the dp and those which do not show it does NOT deter crime Time­series Analysis: Studies indicate capital punishment is no more effective than life imprisonment (panel data) Recent econometric studies and methods invalidated in Kovandvic, Vieraitis, Boots (2009) deterrence study General Deterrence General Deterrence Why Capital Punishment Fails Murder is often a crime of passion Murder is a by­product of crime No consideration of long­term consequences Executions are conducted in private settings It is not used frequently enough Inability of death penalty to deter has raised questions about the validity of general deterrence Critique of General Deterrence Critique of General Deterrence Relationship b/w crime rates and deterrence measures are far less robust than choice theorists may expect Some criminal are desperate and calculated choices become reasonable alternatives Certainty, severity, and speed are not common traits in the American legal system Some offenders are not as deterrable as others such as chronic offenders Specific Deterrence Specific Deterrence The view that criminal sanctions should be so powerful that offenders will never repeat their criminal acts Works only when there is connection w/ memory of decision t...
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