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Gevaluatingskills motivesneedsandfear

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Unformatted text preview: esence, escape routes, etc.) Offender­specific refers to offenders engaging in specific antisocial acts that they have the most likelihood of being successful at or have needs for (e.g., evaluating skills, motives, needs and fear) Structuring Criminality Structuring Criminality • Crime is structured by: Economic need/opportunity Evaluating personality traits & experience • Offenders know limitations, great stress, street culture, impulsivity Bruce Jacobs work on carjackings shows that sometimes little financial gain but was too good to pass up Making a rational choice of targets (i.e., high­income households for burglaries, unlocked residences or cars, no dogs) Criminal expertise learning techniques of the “trade” to avoid detection Controlling Crime Controlling Crime Rational choice theorists suggest four ways to reduce crime: • • • • situational crime prevention general deterrence specific deterrence incapacitation S...
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