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161hw1 - wishes to pass an automobile and so begins a 30...

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Homework1: Phys.161 Spring, 2007 due 02/08/08 Dr. R. N. Mohapatra These problems are in addition to the web assigned ones and only one out of the three problems given below will be graded but you have to work out and submit all three of them. The total points for this part of the assignment is 5. The problem to be graded will be chosen at random. Total points together with the web assigned ones is 10 for this and all other homeworks. Problem 1. When a droplet of oil spreads out on a smooth water surface, the result- ing oil slick is approximately one molecute thick. An oil droplet of mass 9.00 × 10 - 7 Kg and density 918 Kg/m 3 spreads out into a circle of radius 41.8 cm on the water surface. What is diameter of an oil molecule ? Problem 2. A truck is initially travelling on a highway at constant speed. The driver
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Unformatted text preview: wishes to pass an automobile and so begins a 30 sec. period of constant acceleration at 0.05 m/sec 2 . During this period the truck travels 700 m. What was the truck’s initial speed and what is its Fnal speed ? Problem 3. The position of a runner is given by x = 4 . t-. 50 t 2 , where x is in meters and t is in sec. Answer the following questions: (i) What is the velocity of the runner at t = 5 sec. ? You need to give the magnitude and direction since velocity is a vector. (ii) What is the average speed of the runner between t = 0 and t = 8 sec. ? (iii) What is the average velocity of the runner between t = 0 and t = 8 sec. ? (iv) What are the velocity and acceleration of the runner at t = 4 sec. ?...
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