Ex.3'11-All except 10c

Identify which one it isnh carefully and oh2 3 draw

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Unformatted text preview: carefully and OH2 3 draw its non-superimposable mirror image, i.e, the other enantiomer. Cl N N Co 2+ NH3 NH3 OH2 2+ NH3 NH3 2+ N Cl CoN Co NH3 N N OH2 Cl NH3 OH2 Chiral NH3 2+ N NH3 Co N OH2 Cl 7.(12) Assume that all questions below 2+ to metal complexes in their ground state configuration. pertain NH transition metal that when in its 3+ oxidation state possesses five (5) NH3 2+ (a) Identify the first-row3 N unpaired electrons in NH3 lex with weak-field ligands? a comp N NH3 Co Co Answer = _____ Fe(III)______ N Cl N OH 2 (b) Identify the firstOH2 -row transition metal, when Clits 2+ oxidation state, possesses five (5) in unpaired electrons in a complex with weak-field ligands? Answer = _____Mn(II)______ (c) Identify the first-row transition metal which is a d4 complex when it has a 2+ oxidation state? Answer = _______Cr2+______ (d) How many unpaired electrons does this complex (in part (c)) possess if it is high-spin? Answer = 4 unpaired electrons 8.(12) Using the MO energy ordering for seco...
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