Ex.3'11-All except 10c

A4 draw structural diagrams of both complexes

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Unformatted text preview: (a)(4) Draw structural diagrams of both complexes, indicating which is cis and which is trans? (b)(1) Which of the two complexes is a potent anti-cancer drug? Answer = the Cis isomer 4 .(9) What is the denticity for each of the following chelate ligands? In other words, for each of the following, how many bonds form with the ligand and a metal to which it binds? (a) Ethylenediamine (en) Answer = ___ 2 ___ (b) EDTA Answer = ___ 6 ___ (c) Porphyrin, also known as heme b, or protoporphyrin IX Answer = ___ 4 ____ EXAM 3 - Karlin Chem 030.102 / Section 2 5.(10) page 2 of 3 (+ Periodic Table) April 27, 2011 NAME____ ANSWERS _ The hybridization of one s-orbital, three p-orbitals and two d-orbitals, leads to six d2sp3 hybrid orbitals. Of the five (5) d-orbitals available, i.e., the dxy, dx2-y2, dxz, dyz and dz2 orbitals, which two need to be used in d2sp3 hybrid orbital formation? 2+ Cl NH3 2+ N 6.(10) N Co NH3 N Cl NH N OH 2 Answer = __ dx2-yCo and dz2 _ 3 2 One of the two complexes below is a chiral compound. Identify which one it isNH...
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