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Homework 3: Phys.161 Spring, 2008 Due 02/29/08 Dr. R. N. Mohapatra These problems are in addition to the web assigned ones and only one out of four will be graded. and total points for the written assignment below is 4. Total points together with the web assigned ones is 10 for this and all other homeworks. Problem 1: A boat heading due north with respect to the river crosses a wide river with a speed of 10.0 km/h. The water in the river has a uniform speed of 5.00 km/h due east relative to the Earth. Determine the velocity of the boat relative to an observer
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Unformatted text preview: standing on the bank. Draw a diagram to explain your result. Problem 2: A ball swings in a vertical circle at the end of a rope 1.50 m long attached to the ceiling. When the rope is 36.9 past the lowest point and is on its way up, its total acceleration is given by (-22 . 5 i + 20 . 2 j ) m/s 2 . At that instant (a) draw the vector diagram showing the components of this acceleration; (b) determine the magnitude of its radial acceleration; (c) determine the speed and velocity of the ball. A problem from book: 4.46, 4.63...
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