Each lab section will prepare 3 platforms 1treatment

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Unformatted text preview: If you have binoculars, bring them (also bird guides). Each lab section will prepare 3 platforms (1/treatment). Combining the data from the 4 lab sections will result in the following experimental design: 2 sites; 3 treatments/site; each treatment replicated twice in each site. This will allow assessing: - variation among sites; - variation among treatments; - variation within treatments. In Downer Woods, spread the worms on the platforms. The worms in each box will go to 1 platform. Spread them evenly on the platform. Label the platforms for the treatments with a marker, and also write this down for your records. Leave the worms on the platforms. Now explore the area near the platforms and the trails in Downer Woods. Make a list of birds and other potential predators for the worms. Use the bird guide to obtain information on the feeding habits of the birds you observed – which are fruit eaters, which prefer insects or worms as prey? This list will be useful in interpreting your result in your po...
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