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Unformatted text preview: ster. Data gathering will take place throughout the week. Sign-up to coordinate with your lab mates. For each platform, count how many worms are left for each type, noting the site, treatment and replicate. 2 General Ecology (BIO SCI 310) Mimicry Lab Handout Week 2: Final data gathering and data analysis Your TA will guide a discussion of the concepts to be evaluated in the poster. You will then assemble the data set for your section and discuss the best graph type to plot the results. Data from all lab sections (each replicating all treatments) will be used to make the poster. Your TA will send you the complete data set on Friday afternoon, after the last lab has finished. For the analysis, use variation within treatments as reference to evaluate variation between treatments. Making the poster A scientific poster contains a concise Title, an Introduction that addresses concepts and predictions of the study, a short Methods section, a brief Results section, and a Discussion of the main conclusions of the study. Due to space...
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