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Unformatted text preview: se in potential energy. Problem 3. A block of mass 10 kg is being pulled across the floor at constant velocity by a rope. The tension in the rope is 20N and the rope is at an angle of 25˚ above the horizontal. Find the force that the floor exerts on the block. 25˚ 20 N A) < ­18.1, 89.5, 0> N B) <9.23, 21.6, 0> N C) < ­8.45, 79.9, 0> N D) < ­2.43, 94.2, 0> N E) <6.78,  ­98.0, 0> N Problem 4. A proton and an electron are far apart at rest. An external agent brings the electron and proton closer together and then holds them at rest. Which statement i...
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