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An unstable pu240 nucleus mass 240002 u is at rest

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Unformatted text preview: wers Shown in Bold Problem 1. An unstable Pu ­240 nucleus (mass 240.002 u) is at rest when it fissions into two Ag ­120 nuclei (mass 119.893 u) which then fly off far from each other. Find the final kinetic energy of one Ag ­120 nucleus when it is far from the other one. (1u = 1 atomic mass unit = 1.66 x 10 ­27 kg) A) 1.61 x 10 ­11 J B) 9.56 x 10 ­13 J C) 10.82 x 1012 J D) 5.67 x 10 ­12 J E) 3.22 x 10 ­11 J Problem2. When a falling object reaches terminal speed, its kinetic energy reaches a constant value. However, the gravitational potential energy of the system consisting of the object, Earth and atmospher...
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