The gravitational potential energy ug is shown as the

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Unformatted text preview: water are poured into an aluminum pan whose mass is 1000 grams. The initial temperature of the water is 100° C, with a heat J capacity of 4.2 . The aluminum pan has an initial temperature of 24° C gram ! K J with a heat capacity of 0.9 . After a while, the water and pan come to a gram ! K common temperature. What is that temperature? A) T = 49.8 ° C B) T = 105.2 ° C C) T =  ­10.4 ° C D) T = 75.9 ° C E) T = 33.7 ° C Problem 7. The figure below is a graph of the energy of a system of a planet interacting with a star. The gravitational potential energy Ug is shown as the thick curve, and plotted along the vertical axis are various values of K+Ug. Suppose that K+Ug of the system is A. Find all of the true statements below. 1. The potential energy of the system decreases as the planet moves from r1 to r2. 2. The potential energy of the system increases as the planet moves from r1 to r2. 3. When the separation b...
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