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A 009 b 004 c 015 d 05 e one must know the mass

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Unformatted text preview: B) The work done is positive. C) The work done in this case is zero because the proton and the electron will spontaneously come close to each other even without any external force. D) None of the above. Problem 5. A car is about to make a turn at v=3m/s such that the radius of the kissing circle at the turn is 10m. What should the minimum coefficient of friction be so that the car does not slip on the road? A) 0.09 B) 0.04 C) 0.15 D) 0.5 E) One must know the mass of the car to answer the question. Problem 6. 110 grams of boiling water are poured into an aluminum pan whose mass is 1000 grams. The initial temperature of the water is 100° C, with a heat J capacity of 4.2 . The aluminum pan has an initial temperature of 24° C gram ! K J with a heat capacity of 0.9 . After a while, the water and pan come to a gram ! K common temperature. What is...
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