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Unformatted text preview: e of reference, focus on the factors influencing the company’s choice of entry mode in new markets. The theories on the subject bring forward three different types of factors, internal, external and the mixed category. We will only focus on the internal and the external factors, since the mixed category factors can be included in one or the other of the internal and external factors. 6 INTRODUCTION 1.5 THESIS OUTLINE This report will be divided in six chapters as shown in figure 1.1: Introduction, Literature review, Methodology, Data Presentation, Data Analysis and Conclusions and Implications. The Introduction presents the research area through a background and problem discussion. It also contains the overall purpose, which leads to the specific research questions. Finally it clarifies the demarcations and the outline of the thesis. The second chapter, Literature review, will present the theories connected to the research area and will lead to the conceptual framework used in this report. The third chapter, Methodology, will present and motivate the choices we have made regarding research method. Chapter four, Data Presentation, presents the empirical data...
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