22 methodology 3 methodology in this chapter the

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Unformatted text preview: ultural distance Low political risk High political risk • • • Low sales potential High sales potential Poor marketing infrastructure Good marketing infrastructure Low production cost High production cost Restrictive import policies Liberal import policies Small geographical distance High production cost Strong export promotion Restrictions on investment abroad External factors (Home country): • • • Large market Small market Low production cost The above mentioned external factors will be used as base for developing the interview guide which will be used to answer our research questions and thereby fulfilling the purpose of this thesis. 22 METHODOLOGY 3. METHODOLOGY In this chapter the methodology used in this thesis will be presented. This chapter presents and motivates how, the data will be collected in order to find answers to our research questions, and by that fulfilling the purpose of the thesis. It starts with presenting the purpose of the research, followed by the research approach. Then the research strategy will be examined, moving on to the data collection, the sample selection and data analysis. Finally, the means of how to increase validity and reliability are discussed. The presentati...
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