231 research question 1 how do internal factors

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Unformatted text preview: hat this can be performed and shown in a graphical or a narrative form. The conceptual framework, which emerges from the studied literature in this thesis, is created to help us collect the data needed to answer the research questions. In order to do so, the literature perceived as most relevant to the research area will be selected and presented in the order of the previously stated research questions, furthermore each presented theory is also connected to each specific research question. 2.3.1 Research question 1 - How do internal factors influence firm’s choice of international market entry mode? In order to answer the first research question we will among others rely on Koch’s (2001) holistic model of the market entry mode selection process. Koch mentions seven internal factors that influences the choice of entry mode from which we will focus on: • • • • • Company size/ resources Management risk attitudes Market share targets Profit targets Experience in using individual MEMs We will not look into Management locus...
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