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244 furthermore terpstra and sarathy 2000 state that

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Unformatted text preview: tional market (Ekeledo and Sivakumar, 2004). According to Bradley (2002) the concept of market entry refers to the difficulty or ease a company face when entering international markets. “Entry is one of the supreme tests of competitive ability. No longer is the company providing itself on familiar ground, instead it has to expose its competences in a new area” (Bradley, 2002, p.244). Furthermore, Terpstra and Sarathy (2000) state that one of the most critical decisions in the internationalization process is the choice of method of entry into foreign markets. This, because the entry mode decision is a macro decision, companies do not only choose a level of involvement in the foreign market, they also make choices about their marketing program. Entry modes An international market entry mode is an arrangement that creates the possibility for a company’s products, technology, human skills, management, or other resources to enter into a foreign country (Root, 1994). 2 INTRODUCTION Bradley (2002) states that all aspects of marketing have to be of superior performance in order for a company to have a successful market entry. When selecting the appropriate mode of entry, companies have to answer two questions: first, what lev...
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