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Unformatted text preview: se one. 5.2 SUMMARIZATION OF FINDINGS IN RESEARCH QUESTION 1 We have summarized our findings regarding research question one in table 5.2 below. TABLE 5.2 Summarization of findings regarding RQ 1. Theory Factor Case 1 - Meva Case 2 - Purac Koch (2001) Company size/resources Management risk attitudes Market share targets Profit targets Experience in using individual MEMs Verifies Contradicts Contradicts Verifies Verifies Verifies Contradicts Verifies Contradicts Verifies Payback Speed Contradicts Contradicts Contradicts Contradicts Hollensen (2001) Complexity and differentiation of the product Contradicts Contradicts Bruhno and Schilt (2001) Motive Goals Strategy Customer relationships Networks Verifies Verifies Contradicts Contradicts Verifies Verifies Verifies Verifies Contradicts Verifies Root (1994) Preferred entry mode Contradicts Contradicts Brassington Pettitt (2000) and 40 DATA ANALYSIS 5.3 CASE ANALYSIS RESEARCH QUESTION 2 5.3.1 Theory by Koch (2001) Koch (2001) states that the following factors are the ext...
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