38 data analysis networks bruhno and schilt 2001

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Unformatted text preview: rnational market entry. The closest to a strategy is according to the respondent maximization of sales. This finding contradicts Bruhno and Schilt’s (2001) theory, since a non-existing strategy cannot affect the company’s choice of market entry mode. Our findings in case two however, verifies Bruhno and Schilt’s (2001) theory as their outspoken strategy is to become as locally oriented as possible without loosing control and decision power from the headquarters in Sweden. Customer relationships According to Bruhno and Schilt (2001) the number of, as well as, the nature of the customer relationships affects the choice of international market entry mode. Our findings in case one revealed that both companies is case one and two, did not consider their customer relationships as a influencing factor when choosing a entry mode, and thereby our findings contradict the theory stated by Bruhno and Schilt (2001). 38 DATA ANALYSIS Networks Bruhno and Schilt (2001) state that the company’s existing or lack of existing contacts and relationships can infl...
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