9 literature review industry feasibility viability of

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Unformatted text preview: e company or its competitors have used any particular entry mode. The decision is depending on the success rate and degree of the MEM when used in earlier market entries. The experience of a particular entry mode influences the decision through the perceived use of a particular mode of entry. Due to the manager’s choice of entry mode is likely to be subject of scrutiny, the choice is likely to be made to favor a MEM which the manager have experienced success in an earlier market entry. 9 LITERATURE REVIEW INDUSTRY FEASIBILITY/ VIABILITY OF MEM EXPERIENCE IN USING INDIVIDUAL MEMs CALCULATION METHODS APPLIED CHARACTERISTICS OF THE COUNTRY BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMENT RISK ATTITUDES SUFFICIENCY AND RELIABILITY OF INFORMATION INPUTS MARKET BARRIERS POPULARITY OF INDIVIDUAL MEMs IN THE OVERSEAS MARKET MARKET ENTRY MODE SELECTION MANAGEMENT LOCUS OF CONTROL PROFIT TARGETS MARKET GROWTH RATE GLOBAL MANAGEMENT EFFICIENCY REQUIREMEMENTS MARKET SHARE TARGETS IMAGE SUPPORT REQUIREMENTS COMPANY SIZE/ RESOURCES COMPETENCIES, CAPABILITIES AND SKILLS REQUIRED/ AVAILABLE FOR EACH MEM External category Mixed c...
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