According to denscombe 2000 documentation often is a

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Unformatted text preview: tive. Davidson and Patel (2003) bring up questionnaires, telephone or personal interviews, observations and documents as data collection methods. In this study, in addition to the reviewed literature, telephone interviews with the researched companies’ officials will be our main data collection method. Documentation is according to Yin (1994) relevant to every case study topic, and is mostly used to confirm and augment evidence gathered from other sources. The main purpose for using documentation in this study was to gain background information regarding the internal and external factors that influence the companies’ choice of foreign market entry mode. According to Denscombe (2000) documentation often is a great source of finding background information on a subject to be researched. It was used in the study in order to find background information on the research subject. There are however possible drawbacks with documentation as an information source. The researcher has to be aware that documentation are second hand information and might therefore not always be accurate or o...
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