According to holme and solvang 1997 there are several

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Unformatted text preview: 3.2 RESEARCH APPROACH Denscombe (2000) brings forward two general research approaches, quantitative and qualitative. The qualitative research is a broad term, which covers a variety of styles of social research. Foster (1998) states that qualitative research emphasizes processes and meanings that are not rigorously examined or even measured in terms of quantity, intensity, amount, or frequency. Qualitative research method is according to Bryman (2001) based mainly on words as opposed to quantifying when collecting and analyzing data. The author further argues that a qualitative research strategy is inductive, interpreting and constructive. According to Holme and Solvang (1997) there are several specific criteria for qualitative methodology such as indepth and description and understanding. Furthermore the authors state that both the qualitative and quantitative approaches are aimed at creating a better understanding of the society and to comprehend how individuals, groups and institutions act and influence each other. Saunders, Lewis and Thornhill (2000) argue that it is possibl...
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