After selecting markets the company has to decide how

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Unformatted text preview: e on the global market. Second, the company has to try to define their international marketing objectives and policies, and decide upon which market to enter. Then the company must choose how many countries to enter. In the initial stage of their internalization many companies choose to enter either one or a few countries in order to create a deep relationship. After selecting markets, the company has to decide how to enter that/those markets. There are several market entry modes a company can chose from, for example export, strategic 1 INTRODUCTION alliances and foreign direct investment (FDI). Each entry mode contains commitments and risks as well as control and potential profits. The next stage is to decide on a global marketing program and adjust their national marketing program to international standards. This is a question of using either a standardized marketing mix or an adapted marketing mix, adjusted for each new market. The final stage of the internalization process is to decide upon a global marketing organization, most companies have at least...
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