Although the thesis will contain parts of all these

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Unformatted text preview: ivity of making complex issues understandable by presenting how their component parts connect with theory. This thesis is exploratory, describing and somewhat also explanatory in the area of internal and external factors influencing small and medium sized companies’ choice of foreign market entry mode. The thesis purpose is to gain a greater understanding of the research area, which makes the thesis exploratory. However, it will also be descriptive as it brings up common matters, or patterns, within the area of research. Finally, as we will draw some conclusions of the findings of the research, this thesis will also be somewhat explanatory. Although the thesis will contain parts of all these three research approaches it will mainly be descriptive. As the purpose of this study is to gain a gain a greater understanding of a specific phenomena our research approach will be qualitative. 3.3 RESEARCH STRATEGY Our research strategy will be an oversight of how we will go about answering the research questions stated in chapter one. Denscombe (2000) argues that there is no “right” strategy, when choosing a qualitative research approach, how...
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