Based on the research questions a literature review

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Unformatted text preview: tional market entry mode. Based on the research questions, a literature review was conducted, which resulted in a conceptual framework that presented what would guide the data collection. In order to collect data, a qualitative, case study methodology was used, using a multiple case study through interviews as our main data collection tool. The main conclusions regarding the internal factors revealed in this thesis are that company size/resources limit the companies’ possibilities to choose market entry modes which demands great financial resources, it also affects the management risk attitude toward being more risk averse. Further the findings suggest that even though the companies in the study do not exclude any single market entry mode, they prefer the use of entry modes from which they have previous experience. The findings also suggest that the motive for engaging in internationalization is that the domestic market is insufficient due to the size and maturity. The main conclusions regarding the external factors revealed in this thesis are that industry feasibility/viability of MEM influences the choice of market entry mode when there is an interest of a market as the company will alter their market entry mode in order to avoid legal difficulties when...
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