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Despite the great importance of customer

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Unformatted text preview: n internationalization is that the domestic market is insufficient due to size and maturity. The goal with the internationalization is according to our findings growth. We also found that the goals can be both short-term and long-term and in a long-term perspective the goal of growth will develop a need to internationalize the entire 46 CONCLUSIONS AND IMPLICATIONS company and create sales and production platforms outside the domestic market. Furthermore, we found that the companies in order to reach their goals, employs different strategies. When the long-term goal is to open a subsidiary the company’s short-term goal, will try to become as locally oriented as possible, as this enables them to establish contacts for future establishment. When the long-term goal is to maximize sales, the short-term goal is to reach as many profitable markets as possible. Despite the great importance of customer relationships when conducting business, it does not affect the companies’ choice of market entry mode, but rather how business is conducted when reaching a specific market. Networks are according to out findings of great importance for both our companies due to two main reasons: meeting potential sales agents and customers in trade-shows, which induces internationalization...
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