Due to that our research 24 methodology strives to

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Unformatted text preview: ever, the author argues that some strategies are more suitable than others when dealing with specific questions. From the five research strategies stated by Yin (1994): survey, case study, experiment, history and archival analysis, we have chosen to perform a case study due to its suitability to this thesis. The author states that a case study is suitable to answer how and why questions and focuses on contemporary events and does not require control over behavioral events. In addition Eriksson and Wiedersheim-Paul (2001) highlight that a case study involves investigating few entities but many variables, which gives an in-depth situational picture. Due to that our research 24 METHODOLOGY strives to provide a better understanding of the of impact internal and external factors on Swedish SME’s choice international market entry strategies we need no control over behavioral events. We will also focus on contemporary events and due to the fact that both our research questions starts with how, a multiple case study is the most appropriate researc...
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