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Unformatted text preview: uggestions on how this could be carried out are to conduct the same study with greater number of cases in order to explore larger patterns. It would also be of interest to learn if the outcome of our study is industry-specific and/or country-specific. Furthermore, a study investigating if there are patterns/similarities between MNEs and SMEs would be of interest as to learn how the company size/resources affect the choice of international market entry mode. Finally, it would be of interest to investigate the impact of internal and external factors on entry mode on a non- Swedish company entering the Swedish market. 49 REFERENCES REFERENCES Albaum, G., Strandskov, J., Duerr, D., & Dowd, L. (1994). International Marketing and Export Management 2nd Ed. Workingham: Addison-Wesley Publishing Company. Albaum, G., Strandskov, J., & Duerr, E. (1998). International Marketing and Export Management 3rd Ed. Essex: Addison Wesley Longman Ltd. Barkema, H. G., Shenkar, O., Vermeulen, F., & Bel...
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