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Unformatted text preview: ice of market entry mode in new international markets? • Time to market? • Resources? • Flexibility? • Risk? APPENDIX 1 • • • • • • • Return on investment? Long-term goals? Management influence? Type of product? Company size? International experience? Relations? 18. How does the company handle risk when entering new international markets? Company structure 19. How does your organizational scheme look? 20. How does your decision process look when deciding how to enter a new international market? 21. How do you gather information on market conditions in other countries? 22. How is decisions made regarding which market entry mode is used to enter a new international market? Competition 23. Who are the company’s competitors nationally/internationally? 24. How does the company gather information regarding the way your competitors enter new international markets? Targets 25. What targets does the company have when establishing on a new international market? 26. How has the following target factors influenced the company’s choice of entry mode into the inte...
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